INSTALL GOPOSTLY APP and follow on-boarding steps.

Tourist-app icon is with white background, available for Android and iOS.

Search for gopostly and choose app to download, or use the links on the right side>

1. Search for shops in your area.

2. Shop page with details about products and location.

We strongly recommend to rate services provided by shops (not the products you buy from shops).

3. List of shops in your location.

shops gopostly

4. Your account must be completed with all details before you can start making orders.

5. Create an order.

Person working at the shop will scan the QR code from your phone display.

6. Orders must be approved by you.

You will have ‘pending orders’ and ‘orders in progress’ posted in a dedicated page in your dashboard.

7. Pay for shipping.

You can pay for shipping using credit card (Stripe payment processor). In some approved locations you can choose to pay shipping in cash to the shop.

NOTE: The products you buy from that shop will be payed by you to the shop (nothing to do with us).

8. Details and status of your order.

You will have tracking numbers for all orders.